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Nagoya News 6 May 2018

Belgian Beer Weekend 2018

Beer culture in Belgium is so culturally important that last year UNESCO registered Belgian Beer as an Intangible Cultural Heritage!

In order to bring those precious elixirs for the delight of the Japanese people, the Belgian Beer Weekend event is held in several cities across Japan and, when it comes to Nagoya City, it takes place in the down town heart of the city in Sakae. Inspired in the original Belgian Beer Weekend, which takes place annually in September in Brussels, capital of Belgium, the place changes to Japan, but the experience of tasting exquisite brews, delicious food and having tons of fun is pretty much the same!

This year the event will feature 112 different labels.

April 28th (Saturday) to May 6th (Sunday) from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM at Hisaya Park/Angel Park (Sakae)

Admission to the event is free of charge.
Beers and food can only be purchased with the original tokens (included in “Starter Set”). 
Beers can only be served in the original BBW2018 Glass (included in “Starter Set”).
“Starter Set” (3,100 yen) contains 1 x original glass, 11 x drink/food tokens.
Additional tokens available for purchase separately (set of 5 tokens: 1,050 yen).
The BBW2018 Glass is purchased so return is not required.
Re-entry to the event is possible by bringing the BBW2018 Glass and/or purchasing extra tokens.
No cash accepted at the beer and food stalls.


Belgian Beer Weekend 2