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Nagoya News Uncategorized 14 Jun 2018

Let’s Enjoy Rakugo in English!

Rakugo is the art of traditional storytelling that has been loved among the people over the generations. What ordinary people felt and thought is expressed amusingly into Rakugo stories . Japan visitors are also able to enjoy them beyond language barrier for this time, thanks to Rakugo stories teller Mr.Kimochi, in Seto, Aichi Prefecture.  He has performed Rakugo  in USA and is one of the few modern story tellers conducting Rakugo in English.

Do not miss this good opportunity for English speakers, students and all of people who are
interested in Rakugo. After the performance, delicious soybeans Konyaku cuisine will be served.

Contact & Applcation:

Malryong Lee

June 14 Thursday,
11: 00 – 12: 00 English Rakugo Performance
12:00 – 13: 30 Okara Konyaku Cuisine
Fee: 3,000 yen per person
Max: 30 people

KAMA NO HIROBA (Seto Ginzadori shopping street)
〒489-0043 Aichi Prefecture, Seto, Asahimachi, 11
Phone: 0561-84-7110