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Nagoya News 8 Mar 2016

This Month`s Special Guest

Keita Goto

I am an instructor in the art of contemporary calligraphy using Kanji characters, poetry, tanka and haiku. Calligraphy allows me the freedom to express my innermost feelings to the public. Each character that is written has significance to each individual artist. It is my hope while writing with the traditional fude, a calligraphy brush, and thinking about the original meaning of the Japanese kanji characters that people will understand the fun of calligraphy. It is my sincere hope that as many people as possible gain this experience.


  • Meijo University, Lecturer
  • Komaki Minami High School and 3 other public schools, Lecturer
  • NHK Cultural Center in Sakae, Lecturer


  • Received the Education, Culture, Sports, Science Minister’s Award in 2010
  • Won a rookie of the year award for the Aichi Prefecture Art, Education and Culture in 2014

Click here for website link and click on 後藤啓太 at the top of the page to access photos. 

Japanese Calligraphy Instructor

Japanese Calligraphy Instructor