Relocation services in Nagoya, Tokyo, Yokohama & the rest of Japan

Additional Services

Japan Mobility simplifies the relocation process and gives you the care and support that you need during your stay in Japan

Airport Pickup / Drop-off Services

Personalized greeting at the airport & Airport and transfer to hotel or property.

24 Hour Japan Helpline

Due to language barriers and cultural differences, basic functions and services available easily back home may be a burden for employees to deal with on their own in Japan. With the Japan Mobility 24 Hour Japan Helpline they will never be left alone to deal with the burden. Our 24 Hour Japan Helpline gives them the added support that they need during those challenging times.

Our 24 Hour Japan Helpline provides the following:

  • Emergency help
  • Medical emergencies
  • Help with urgent matters
  • Interpretation services
  • Help in sourcing important items
  • General concierge services during office hours

Pregnancy Support Program

Due to language barriers, unknown procedures and cultural differences, giving birth in a foreign country can be a stressful and time consuming process.  Japan Mobility helps to remove the stress to make it a smooth & simplified process by offering a comprehensive Pregnancy Support Program with the following services:

  • Provide information on the overall process of giving birth in Japan
  • Introduction to hospitals, clinics and mid-wives
  • 1 day accompanied visits to hospitals and clinics
  • Assistance with initial applications
  • Interpretation services over the phone (during normal business hours)*
  • 24-hour on call support for delivery date and arranging of transportation
  • 1 Accompanied visit to hospital or clinic after birth before checking out
  • Assistance with birth registration
  • Assistance with visa application process for the child
  • Assistance with the application for child’s passport
  • Provide information pertaining to newborns

Cross Cultural Training Program

This program is designed to deliver quicker assimilation and understanding of the cultural, business, religious, ethnic and local political issues – providing quicker and more complete acceptance of differences encountered in Japan.

Remote Area Relocation Program

Japan Mobility also provides all the above services in remote areas and will put together a personalized relocation package based on specific needs.


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