Relocation services in Nagoya, Tokyo, Yokohama & the rest of Japan

After you Arrive

Japan Mobility simplifies the relocation process and gives you the care and support that you need after you arrive in Japan

Settling-in Program 

Japan Mobility’s detailed and comprehensive Settling-In Program helps to ensure that your employee has a stress free start in their new environment. Our Settling-In Program is designed to ensure that all needs are met and that you are able to enjoy daily life as they had in their home country.  As part of our settling in services we provide the following services:

  • A comprehensive welcome packet featuring the Japan Mobility Living In Japan manual which includes local information, a shopping guide, appliance translations and general information on Japan
  • Name cards for each tenant that include their names, address and map
  • Map showing the local area as well as areas of interest such as supermarkets, medical facilities, parks, convenience stores, etc.
  • Name stickers for the mailbox
  • Introduction to local support groups for spouses and family members to ensure the entire family is connected to the new environment to further promote a successful relocation process
  • A comprehensive explanation of the neighborhood and local facilities
  • Accompanied assistance with set-up of bank accounts and an explanation on how to use the ATM (cash corner)
  • Accompanied assistance with obtaining mobile phones
  • Familiarization with transport and routes as pertaining to schools and work
  • An accompanied trip to the supermarket to ensure that the first trip to purchase groceries is stress free
  • Accompanied visit to the local city office to register address, and as needed, to sign up for national health insurance, pension & child benefits.
  • Application and coordination of the set-up of the internet, phone and satellite/cable television
  • Extensive explanations of garbage separation procedures
  • Labeling of apartment features in English
  • Introduction to car lease providers
  • Introduction to English speaking computer technicians
  • Introduction to International schools

Japan Driver’s License Conversion Program

An international driver’s license may be used for the first 12 months.  However, after then, all foreign residents must obtain a Japanese driver’s license.  As of June 2002, the laws in Japan changed making it illegal to drive after 12 months without obtaining a valid Japanese driver’s license.

The conversion can be a complex and time-consuming process to navigate without the right knowledge and help. Japan Mobility will provide your employee with expert knowledge and help to ensure that they obtain their Japanese license in the least amount of time.

We will provide the following through the conversion program:

  • Provide the employee with an initial consultation on the process, time frame and required documents to obtain a new license or change over their license
  • Examining of the driver’s license, passport, and other documents to ensure eligibility
  • Accompany the employee to the test center and assist in filling out the required documents
  • Provide the employee with all of the necessary test and study materials.  Also, including a DVD of the course along with exclusive information from Interlink Relocations to help with taking the test
  • Walk the employee through the necessary steps to taking and passing the written and driving exams
  • Accompany your employee for practice lessons, written tests and driving tests

Tenancy Management

Tenancy Management services provides ongoing support & emergency support for issues pertaining to housing & utilities.

  • Provide an English speaking interface for the expatriate
  • Single point of contact for property and utility related issues throughout the expats stay in the property
  • Coordination of maintanence issues with the owner and management company
  • After hours emergency contact number for emergencies related to the property or utilities


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