Relocation services in Nagoya, Tokyo, Yokohama & the rest of Japan

Moving On

Interlink Relocations simplifies the departure process and gives you the care and support that you need to move on.

Departure Program

Japan Mobility puts as much care into helping your employee when they leave as we do when they arrive. We will ensure that a smooth transfer takes place in moving back to your employee’s country of origin or to another destination around the world. In order to accomplish this we provide the following services:

  • Cancellation of property, negotiations of reform costs and coordination of the deposit refund
  • Accompanied property move out inspection
  • Cancellation of home insurance
  • Cancellation of utilities, telephone lines, internet and satellite/cable TV
  • Cancellation of bank account
  • Cancellation of mobile phones
  • Cancellation of furniture lease
  • Cancellation of vehicle lease
  • Assistance with final payment of all utility payments and recovery of any balances or refunds due
  • Hotel and temporary stay arrangements made if necessary prior to departure
  • Assistance with disposing of unwanted items
  • Assistance with mail forwarding
  • Assistance with deregistration & cancellation of insurance, pension & child benefits


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